Leverex supports two account types. Corporate accounts and individual accounts.

Leverex aims to make account management simple, smooth, and compliant. To achieve these goals, we require that all interactions with Leverex take place using the Authenticate eID mobile app.

For individual accounts

Authenticate eID sets a new standard for handling initial KYC and ongoing account management by providing a single point of entry for maintaining easier, safer and better customer experiences.

Onboarding is a breeze with just 3 simple steps:

  1. Downloading our Auth eID app here;
  2. Registering your email on Auth eID app;
  3. Signing up on Leverex.

For Corporate accounts

Please reach out to [email protected] for further inquiry.

Leverex offers accounts in Liquid USDT only.

All settlements, payments, and balances will be kept in USDT.

Leverex permits withdrawals to pre-registered addresses which have been submitted through Authenticate eID and signed for by the client.

Addresses must be blinded.

The history section displays the accounts trade history, deposits and withdrawals, and fees.

The trade history tab includes the date, acquirer, status, instrument, quantity, price, and type.

The fees page shows the specifics about how much fees have been deducted from activities and trades.

The deposits and withdrawals sections display all external account debits and credits.

Reports can be generated and downloaded on demand.

Statements are generated by the user on demand. The statements provide you with detailed information relating to the value of your portfolio, deposits, withdrawals, trades, volumes, end-of-day pricing and realized prices.

Statements may be used for reporting purposes.