Deposits & Withdrawals

Leverex is a custodial exchange where products are traded and settled against stablecoins.

Supported stablecoins:

  • Liquid USDT

Supported networks:

  • Liquid Network

There are no fees on deposits and withdrawals. Leverex will pay the blockchain network fee for all withdrawals on the Liquid network.

Each user receives a fixed deposit address. Only Liquid USDT may be sent to the address.

To enable conversion of different cryptocurrency types, Leverex has integrated Sideshifts API into our deposit page. The Sideshift output address will always be your unique deposit address and the output asset is set to Liquid USDT.

Deposits are confirmed once they have two (2) network confirmations.

Withdrawals are permitted to addresses which have been whitelisted.

Withdrawals covered by our hot-wallet are processed in real-time. We rebalance between our hot and cold wallets several times a day.